Brain Fiber Tracking

New Tool in Diagnosing A Traumatic Brain Injury

As a St. Petersburg traumatic brain injury attorney, I will continue to share the latest in medical advancements with consumers and physicians alike. The science in diagnosing a traumatic brain injury has rapidly evolved in recent years.  The latest and most promising advancement is currently being tested at several advanced neurological centers.  This new method will closely examine the individual brain fibers.  In laymen terms, Brain fiber tracking will actually serve to light up on the scan where the broken or disrupted wiring is located within the brain fibers. This will demonstrate what fibers are broken in an analogous manner to how conventional X-ray illustrates broken bones.

Currently the military is reviewing this science to examine patients returning from war or that suffered closed head injuries overseas.  The University of Pittsburgh is responsible for the development of the brain fiber tracking scan and is pioneering the use of such in diagnosing the existence and extent of a traumatic brain injury (hereinafter referred to as “TBI”).

Over 1.7 million people suffer a TBI each year.  Many victims of a TBI suffer permanent disability of the brain,.  Some individuals will manifest with concussion or post-concussive syndrome while other less traumatic injuries heal over time.  TBI is also the biggest injury suffered by enlisted soldiers overseas in our wars against Afghanistan and Iraq, which by military estimates affects 200,000 soldiers and civilians.

Not being able to properly diagnose these injuries makes treatment extremely difficult for doctors.  As injuries and clinical symptoms associated with TBI differ, the only diagnostic test that is often ordered is a CT scan, which sometimes fails to show pathology.  With the new Fiber Tracking MRI, a special computer can map out the pathways of the brain., Brainwaves and info are passed along fibers, similar to that of power lines for a power plant.  The new MRI technology can follow these paths of the brain and indicate by yellow color breaks in the fibers or disruption of the path.  Green is the color used for healthy fibers.  This will help a St. Petersburg brain injury attorney illustrate the abnormal brain pathology in a Florida Courtroom.

Though still in its early developments and done in conjunction with Walter Reed Hospital, (the biggest military hospital in the United States) Fiber Tracking MRI has shown huge possibilities.  It is one of many competing new technologies in the diagnosis of TBI.  Other new technologies being tested is a high power CT scan that looks at blood flow and direction in the brain.  Another method in its infancy stage examines a possible substance that leaks into the bloodstream after a TBI.  This has been a public service message from the Florida brain injury attorney at Dolman Law. St. Petersburg brain injury attorney.  St. Petersburg personal injury attorney.



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